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We are your partner for innovative and customized automation solutions. Our services range from development to planning to assembly. We adhere to the highest standards and utilize the latest technologies and norms.

Software development

PLC + porcess control system

Since 1988, software development has been our core business. Our work primarily focuses on planning and creating PLC, SCADA, and data logging software using the latest technologies for your facility. We specialize in the following areas: tunnel and traffic engineering, snowmaking systems, food and construction industries, industrial plants, wastewater treatment plants, and small hydroelectric power plants. Our goal is to deliver facilities that perfectly meet our customers' needs. This vision motivates us to continuously evolve our systems.

Hardware planning


Since 1996, INSOFT has been providing hardware planning for various electrical installations. We operate in the fields of snowmaking systems, water supply, small hydroelectric power plants, tunnel and traffic engineering, as well as industrial plants. As a result, experiences from various industries contribute to our expertise, allowing us to eliminate potential sources of errors from the outset. Our circuit diagrams are created according to the latest standards (e.g., EN 61439-1). Integrated planning makes ordering, submitting, or labeling easier for us and for you.

We pre- and post-calculate electrical systems and networks as needed. Through direct collaboration with manufacturing and assembly, we can flexibly respond to specific requirements. This allows us to avoid lengthy clarifications and complicated changes in manufacturing and assembly, keeping costs low for circuit diagrams and preventing subsequent costs.

Our circuit diagrams meet all requirements of automation technology. Network and fieldbus technology, as well as PLC addressing, are fully integrated into the diagrams. Thus, our diagrams also serve as the basis for software development. INSOFT provides solutions from a single source. Together with our control cabinet manufacturing and software engineering, you receive the complete package of circuit diagrams, control cabinet, automation system, and process control.

Seit 1996 bietet INSOFT Hardwareplanung für verschiedenste elektrotechnische Anlagen an. Wir sind in den Bereichen Beschneiungsanlagen, Wasserversorgung, Kleinwasserkraftwerke, Tunnel- und Verkehrstechnik, sowie Industrieanlagen tätig. Aufgrund dessen fließen Erfahrungen aus verschiedensten Branchen in unser Knowhow ein. So können wir potentielle Fehlerquellen von vornhinein ausschließen. Unsere Schaltpläne werden nach den neuesten Normen (z.B. EN 61439-1) erstellt. Die integrierte Planung erleichtert uns und Ihnen das Bestellen, Einreichen oder Beschriften.
Elektrische Anlagen und Netzwerke werden bei Bedarf von uns vor- und nachkalkuliert. Durch die direkte Zusammenarbeit mit Fertigung und Montage können wir flexibel auf spezielle Anforderungen reagieren. So vermeiden wir langwierige Abklärungen und komplizierte Änderungen in Fertigung und Montage und können sowohl die Kosten für die Schaltpläne niedrig halten als auch Folgekosten vermeiden. Unsere Schaltpläne erfüllen alle Anforderungen der Automatisierungstechnik. Netzwerk- und Feldbustechnik, sowie SPS-Adressierungen werden vollständig in die Pläne integriert. Somit dienen unsere Pläne auch als Grundlage für die Softwareentwicklung. INSOFT liefert Lösungen aus einer Hand. Zusammen mit unserer Schaltschrankfertigung und unserem Software-Engineering erhalten Sie das Komplettpaket aus Schaltplan, Schaltschrank, Automatisierungssystem und Leittechnik.

Plant engineering

Energy & Automation

Since 2006, INSOFT has been manufacturing control cabinets for various electrical installations across a wide range of industries worldwide. We supply cabinets ranging from the smallest distribution boards to PLC control cabinets, server cabinets, and low-voltage main distribution boards (up to 6300A). The cabinets are built according to the latest standards (e.g., EN 61439-1) and tailored to individual requirements. Our close collaboration with our hardware planning team enables us to handle the entire manufacturing process smoothly and flexibly. We also offer contract manufacturing services without our own planning, allowing us to manufacture according to your schematics.

Through semi-automated and standardized manufacturing processes, we build cabinets and distribution boards uniformly and cost-effectively. We use only high-quality components, and all cabinets undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure top-notch distribution solutions for your electrical installation.

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Electrical installations
Our experienced team of professionals handles the installation and connection of electrical components with the utmost care. From expert wiring to the integration of complex systems, our installation services ensure a seamless power infrastructure that is consistently reliable.


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A strong country needs strong connections!
Connected at lightning speed - already in over 130 Tyrolean municipalities! As a local partner, we provide you with the ordered Tirolnet internet access and take care of the support. As a medium-sized company, we refrain from impersonal hotlines and offer Tirolnet customers competent assistance with short:

Facility and equipment inspections

Savety first
Safe electrical installations and equipment not only protects the lives and health of people but also valuable operational resources. We are pleased to conduct professional inspections for you in accordance with the current regulations OVE-E8101-6-600.4, OVE-E8101-6-600.5.

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