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WinCC OA Video Migration

Performance period: 2020 - 2023

Country: Germany

Migration of an existing video management system (VMS) for tunnel surveillance in a major German city.

Because the new product has undergone significant technological advances compared to the previous version, a new overall concept has had to be created.

Existing network structures and devices such as encoders and cameras have been reused and integrated into the VMS.

The entire computer hardware, including operating systems and applications, has been replaced.

The parameterisation and commissioning of the newly delivered hardware and software was carried out in parallel operation (old and new VMS).

A number of new features have been implemented in response to customer requests.

For example, integration of thermal imaging cameras, implementation of a city map, encryption of data transmission, export / outsourcing to DVD/USB stick.


  • Approx. 700 cameras in total
  • Approx. 40 clients
  • 14 video servers in the operations centres
  • 9 video wall servers to fire 9 video walls
  • 10 image memories with a total net capacity of approx. 1.3PB

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