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Renovation of the Kirchberg Tunnel in Tyrol

Completion: 2019

Country: Austria

City: Kirchberg in Tirol

Area of responsibility: General refurbishment

INSOFT took on the role of general contractor for the first time in 2020.
The renovation of the tunnel near Kirchberg in Tyrol was successfully completed.

Together with Lechner & Partner, the province of Tyrol planned a complete reorganisation of the operating and safety technology. A tight schedule was drawn up in consultation with the district administration and the municipality, which also represent tourism and business.

The renovation of the tunnel near Kirchberg in Tirol was completed in just 3 months from the award of the contract to INSOFT to the opening to traffic. The major challenge was to synchronise the project management, material planning and installation in such a short time that all the necessary measures could be successfully implemented in an effective construction period of 33 days. Kirchberg in Tirol is a very popular tourist destination. The full closure, and therefore a complete traffic diversion through the municipality, was only possible for 15 days. For the remaining construction period, traffic was routed through the tunnel on one side only. This required special attention from the technicians and road users.

The successful completion of the project was made possible by good advance planning and solution-orientated cooperation between all project participants and suppliers. INSOFT took on the role of general contractor for the first time. The great advantage was that the project management, planning, production, installation and software development all came from INSOFT. The operating station contains all the technical equipment for controlling the tunnel, including a process control system incorporating visualisation with a communication link to the Tyrol control centre, equipment for building radio and an extension of the power distribution system with an uninterruptible power supply for central components. An additional power connection was installed at the Kirchberg East entrance. In the Kirchberg tunnel, the entrance and interior route lighting was implemented using highly efficient LED lights from Broll. The low clearance profile and the lack of reflection from the tunnel walls required a special technical solution. The entrance lights were installed in the specified ceiling recesses. Additional luminaires had to be planned to achieve the required illumination density in the interior section. This interior section lighting was mounted on both sides of the corner of the tunnel ceiling. The light colour chosen here is a pleasant 3,000K. The active guidance system on the raised hard shoulders provides clear traffic guidance. The light modules are electrically supplied via a system cable and induction couplers and are therefore not directly connected to a cable.

In the event of incidents in the tunnel, an automatic diversion is possible thanks to the new prismatic signs at the town entrances. The speed display can be dynamically controlled in the event of obstructions on the bypass route. The entire operating and safety equipment is now technically monitored in the Tyrol control centre. All these technical innovations serve to minimise risks on the diversion route.


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