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Tunnel Simulator Engelberg Tunnel

Performance period: 2016 - 2023

The central components of the control technology and control level have been set up as digital twins in the simulation system.

Simulation units simulate the hardware of the peripherals connected to the control systems.

So called tunnel replica servers replicate the logic of the peripherals.

Retrofitting in accordance with RABT (Guidelines for the Equipment and Operation of Road Tunnels), the expansion of the traffic facilities and adjustments to the tunnel ventilation system are tested in detail on the tunnel simulator before they are imported into the real system.

Data point and software tests can be carried out more comprehensively and quickly by using the tunnel simulator. Faulty behaviour of the software can also be detected on the simulator.

The system can also be used for training purposes.

Article in the Stuttgarter Zeitung.


  • 2 high-availability controllers (identical CPUs as in the real system)
  • 10 simulation units for simulating the peripherals
  • 2 tunnel simulation servers for replicating the peripheral logic
  • 2 virtualisation servers with a total of 14 virtual instances
  • 4 operating computers with 3 or 4 monitors each

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